we are doers. creatives. collaborators. copywriters. designers. developers. communicators. we capture audiences.

we are curious, creative, collaborative minds. we look at things differently than other people. and because of that, we’ve cultivated a list of services that encompass our strengths.
What we do:

Print, Broadcast, and Digital Placements

Website creation

Digital Strategy

Hyperlocal Audience Targeting

Social Media Strategy, Content and Platform Management

Media Planning

Brand Re-Positioning

Brand Re-Launches

Brand Feature Stories

our most popular services

digital offerings

whether you need help with building a new website, refreshing an old one, hyperlocal targeting a specific audience or engaging a completely new one, our creatives give you the solutions that work.  from curating the assets necessary to executing the strategy, we’ve got you covered from start to finish. we offer retainer packages and a-la-carte services customized to fit budgets both large and small. we measure. we deliver. maintaining a solid digital presence is imperative. we understand the importance of online presence, and that it digital isn’t about tweets, instagramming or facebook posts (that’s what our social strategy division is for). our digital team works together to carve out a custom platform where you and your brand can rise above.

branding + messaging

we know branding. first impressions last a lifetime.  branding is the sum total of many parts, not the least of which involves technical skill + creativity.  typography (our FAVORITE) and color palettes are a very tricky language to master. . . and yes we’re fluent. we take a peek into the story of your business. we take a look under the hood, and really get to know what’s going on. it really is the only way. we craft a voice, the voice that will permeate your communication. we craft a look, the look that will be seen by the eyes of your audience. we fluctuate between loving hand lettered typography and sans serif ones. we make brands unique.

social strategy

engaging content, analysis, and the ability to pivot based on your audiences’ wants and needs are all part of the formulas we concoct to engage socially. we are a group of detail-oriented industry influencers who have a passion for helping you think big while we deliver. every brand is unique, at least it should be. and if yours is not, we give it a facelift and make it so.  we’re a team of artists at heart, with a head for business and strategy. rare hybrids of both sides of the brain. we perform market research to make strategic decisions about the creation, positioning, and curation of your social campaigns are strong and sound. we don’t just throw stuff on a wall and hope it sticks.

public relations

it all starts with a story. your story. our public relations portfolio speaks for itself. we position you as an industry leader. our success is based on your success, and our goal is to see your business thrive. we give you the expertise of our whole team. we collaborate with and work alongside you. we don’t dismiss you, we actually want and welcome your feedback. All of this combined with our experience, contacts and expertise gives you the power of a big public relations agency with the personalized attention of a small business. we’ve handled public relations for everything from international manufacturers to the local business next door. and each will tell you they feel as if their business is our no.1 priority. we like it that way.

  • 2017 Greenville News Run Downtown 5k

    Congratulations on a wonderfully organized race yesterday. I have been competing in New England as well as here in the South for 65 years, and I cannot recall any race that was better organized, better advertised, better run, or better timed. You folks do great work and all runners should thank you! Looking forward to this race next year!

    Lloyd Slocum (Bib 1096)

  • Stoneledge Properties

    Dorothy and staff at DFS Creative have been tremendously helpful in helping us craft messaging that resonates with our clients! Dorothy is personable, knowledgeable, helpful, energetic, creative and enthusiastic! Not sure what else could be said as a testimonial beyond that! Best of luck in all you do!

    Chris Bailey

    Stoneledge Properties

  • Caroline Brackett Studio of Design

    Working with Dorothy has opened my eyes to another world of social media, marketing and technology. I can practically hear her wheels turning constantly as she thinks of new and inventive ways of promoting my business! I’ve gained business, knowledge and a friendship from working with Dorothy and her staff. She’s, simply put, the best!
  • MB Interiors and Design

    Dorothy and I connected the second we met and could have spent the entire day chit chatting and giggling about everything and then some. She is magnetic! Her ability to listen and then to write so brilliantly and effortlessly is truly her gift. I enjoy her passion and enthusiasm. She’s a valuable asset to my business and will be a life-long friend.

    Meranda Bailey

    MB Interiors & Design


    We have worked together on numerous community events, and I know that when I get a call from Dorothy that the request will be effortless because Dorothy will have taken care of all details prior to calling. It was Dorothy’s ability to manage and her personal concern for her clients that brought me into her client network. DFS manages all of Twigs’ social media, the website, promotional collateral and Marketing Direction. There are times when I wonder if DFS has any clients other than Twigs because of the amount of care and attention that Twigs receives! The DFS team is proactive, always listening to our needs and always thinking how to improve for the future. With Dorothy at the helm, I know we are in good hands.

    Kate Teirney


  • Greenville Center for Creative Arts

    Dorothy impressed me from the moment we met. She’s personable, professional and full of energy! It is a pleasure to work alongside a woman with her strength and abilities.
  • Mattress by Appointment

    I have known Dorothy Self for 10 to 12 years and have followed her projects and accomplishments during that same period of time. After moving my company’s headquarters to Greenville, South Carolina, in 2014 I wanted to work with a firm locally to focus on growing our social media presence. DFS Creative Concepts, and more specifically Dorothy Self, was an easy choice amongst all of the different options available. I have been very pleased so far.

    Edwin Shoffner

    Mattress by Appointment

  • Blossom Shoes & Such

    We love working with Dorothy and her creative team for our marketing and PR needs. She’s always ready to toss around great ideas and has an eye for what works. Her shoe collection isn’t too shabby either!

    Kimberly Stephens

    Blossom Shoes & Such

  • Canal Insurance Company

    “We started the year with lofty expectations for our new engagement with DFS and it has been awesome to see what we’ve been able to accomplish together. The DFS team has been invaluable – creative, quick, thoughtful, efficient, smart, innovative and also FUN – we would not be reaching important business milestones (even during the pandemic!) without their partnership.”

    Laura Beth Medley
    VP, Chief Human Resources & Corporate Communications Officer

    Canal Insurance Company


  • Marchant Real Estate Company

    “To say I am 100% amazed at all DFS has done for me is an understatement. They have nailed it on every project and I am so grateful for all they do and how easy they have made it for me.”