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What’s Up Wednesdays: Q&A with DFSCC Alumna Evelyn Henson (hooray!)

Yes, I am fan-girling, too. You can only imagine my heart rate when “Evelyn Henson” popped up in my inbox. I, like so many other color-obsessed gals, have been a devoted fan of her art work for years. When I think of Evelyn Henson’s art, one word comes to mind: whimsy. Evelyn’s work immediately takes me to a happier place full of wanderlust (her map prints will do that to you) and optimism (how can you not be a morning person with her mug designs?). Another reason I love Evelyn? She is a Furman and DFSCC alumna, just like me. Continuing our series on former DFSCC #GirlBossess, I had the chance to ask Evelyn a few questions about her experience at DFSCC and how she has taken what she’s learned with Dorothy into her own professional and colorful life.