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Navigating Leadership

The idea of sharing common space with so many likeminded leaders came to me when I was at my desk staring up at the baby pink wall. As I sat there I realized that this space, in which I have become so comfortable, with was once another associates’ area. Under the guidance of Dorothy, I have seen my leadership skills grow and change as I have gained new skills and redefined those of others. I am constantly pushing myself to see what else I can learn, but I realize that I am lucky to have such strong leaders around me from whom I can learn.

Leaders are individuals who go above and beyond for their causes. They know their strengths, build others up and are constantly seeking improvement. So for this entry I am going to spotlight some of our DFSCC tribe to showcase how they have perpetuated these ideals.

To start us off here today is a fan favorite: Megan.


She has been featured here on the blog many times, but having worked so closely with Dorothy for so long it is only appropriate to hear how her training has helped her break stereotypes as a professional woman. As a leader, Megan is someone that everyone in the office can rely on. She has become our rock, exemplifying traits of presentation, poise and professionalism while always adding flare to her own work. When asked about how DFSCC has helped her navigate not only work, but also her personal life, she responds, “I have learned that happiness is the key to success. We wouldn’t be here if this team/work didn’t make us happy! The thrill of events and the satisfaction of our clients keeps us going. I’ve learned how to make the best of situations and be open to new ideas. Instead of acting on impulse, I try taking that extra second to think about the outcome. It is better to approach things after taking a second look at them. From this, I have learned the importance of communication, collaboration and efficiency with a team. Two is better than one and I love learning from team members and our founder!” Megan we would be lost without you, thank you for keeping us afloat, yet always keeping us in line!

Next is our feisty and fun Gigi.


Fun Fact: Gigi and I actually shared that baby pink wall that I talked about earlier. A self proclaimed Type-A personality, she is our go-to for a witty social media caption and our resident thesaurus. Seriously, she loves words and grammar. Speaking from experience, a Type-A leader values attention to detail, making sure that nothing is overlooked, and always delivers work on time. Yet, as we have all experienced, sometimes everything works out and other times nothing goes according to the original plan. Gigi remarks that expecting perfection is something that we should strive for, but not expect. We have to be adaptable in any situation. And to any aspiring associate or DFSCC team member, she leaves you with this advice: “Bring your laptop to work everyday. That’s major. Also challenge yourself, because you can do more than you believe yourself capable of. I have always been artistic but have been challenged by Dorothy to create graphics. Knowing that I can create aesthetic images on the computer vs by hand has been super rewarding.”

Our next Leader is pretty special. Aneesh Borah is the first (of many) DFSCC male members.


He has learned to navigate the waters with all of our #GirlBosses, seamlessly becoming an essential part of our team. During his time here at DFSCC, Aneesh jumped in fearlessly on a multitude of projects helping and teaching us all something new during the process. While reflecting on his time so far, I asked him something new he learned. His answer? Setting priorities. Let me elaborate more. He states, “As an artist, it is easy to get excited, distracted and overcommit yourself to a particular project. But Dorothy showed and taught me how to prioritize my projects and tasks at hand in a way that creates a connection not only on a professional level but also on a personal one. This has helped me meet deadlines more efficiently. As a graphic designer, this is the only way that I can really produce the best quality for the client.” Perfectly stated!

To end my post today we have the founder of our blog, Miss Caroline Tucker.


No doubt you can spot her wearing a killer outfit, for as she says, “You must take your appearance as serious as your abilities.” If you have a problem, she is your girl. She is a strong believer that if you are going to pose a problem, you better make sure you also pose a solution. When asked about her initial impressions of DFSCC and her role within the company, this is what she had to say: “I thought I would be the classic intern picking up coffee, taking out the trash, and making copies. But I was so wrong. On my first day, I was thrown into projects I could have only dreamed of. Dorothy has helped me recognize and own my talents and has given me opportunities to display them. I have learned that execution is the key to seeing something come to fruition. For example, I am now published in a lifestyle magazine with over 80,000 readers and saw the #GirlBossBlog come to life. The confidence Dorothy instills in me follows me everywhere I go, from new work environments to new cities. Not only does Dorothy refuse to call me an intern (instead, “Associate”), she does not treat me like one either. I feel valued and useful.” Spoken like a true #girlboss.

So to when it comes to being a fearless leader, and how to navigate being your own #girlboss:

• Keep it positive, yet keep it efficient
• Strive for adaptability not perfection
• Prioritize
• Execution = Reality
• Bonus – my personal favorite – reflect always: before, during, and even after tasks

We here at DFSCC are successful because we are constantly challenged and pushed not only by our mentor, but by some of the greatest leaders. Each other.

DFS Lauren 1 edited

What I Learned My First Week as an Intern

We have all been the new girl (or guy) at work before. You’re a little afraid and excited, and at the same time you stayed up a little too long the night before as you let your nerves get the best of you… sound familiar? There is an eagerness to learn and be helpful, but you also are stuck trying to navigate those workroom norms while somewhere in the back of you’re head thinking — what have I gotten myself into? Well, that was me about a week ago as I entered DFSCC’s doors.

If you have ever walked into DFSCC, then you know it’s fashion forward and has an aesthetic that radiates good vibes and class. I mean, what is not to love about that zebra rug? But those “good vibes” are not just seen in the multitude of colors, it is an attitude that has been adopted by all who work here. I recently read an article which spoke in detail about ‘the leader’s dilemma’ in which employers struggle to balance the amount of stress they place on their employees with the high results they expect out of their employees’ work. I found this article interesting as I am often left speechless in trying to describe to family and friends my super positive experience of working at DFSCC as an intern, but I think I have a better grip on it now. From observations and conversations I’ve had at work, I have compiled a list of thoughts and actions seen daily at the DFSCC office which combat the leadership dilemma and aid in building a fulfilling work experience.

Self Care

We often use the phrase “When you dress well you test well” and I find this so applicable here. When you feel your best, you radiate confidence all around you. All of us here at DFSCC have our own unique style that we showcase in different ways. Self Care does not just refer to hygiene and personal presence, but in making sure that our mental health is as strong as our physical health. For some, this may be working out or reading a book to get some peace of mind after a long day of work. But in regards to the work place, having an honest discourse between everyone and transparency regarding all work matters leads to ease and more productivity.

Expanding our Boxes

In life there are some things we are good at and some. . . not so much. In that same regard, there are some things we like to do and some. . . not so much. One of the things we are able to do here at DFSCC is explore both sides of the spectrum. On my first day of work Dorothy told me something that really resonated with me. She noted that we are often placed into boxes depending on age, race, gender, etc. and that because of that the tasks we are ‘good’ at often become the only tasks we are allowed to do. Many times we become trapped in this cycle and may never really experience our full potential. From writing to designing to working on event days, we are able to dip our toes into a little bit of everything here at DFSCC experiencing what we love in a new context, and usually finding something else that we are ‘good’ at.

Feeling the Love

Whether it’s a shout out on our Instagram page or a one-on-one with Dorothy, there is plenty of love and gratitude to go around. I’ll be the first to admit that even though I’d like to think I am Wonder Woman, many days I find myself enlisting the help of my colleagues or Dorothy to complete a task. Though we are a super diverse crew, together we are family. And Dorothy reminds us all of this everyday.

As you can see here, I survived my first week. But, I can easily say that I didn’t just survive. I was able to thrive due to a work environment that allows for independence and creativity cultivated by the OG #GirlBoss Dorothy. So here is a shoutout to our fearless leader you inspire us daily. Thank you for pushing us to exceed expectations in our work, to keep calm in the craziest of of situations and to always add a little flare in everything we do.